Forni per pizza rotanti Morello Forni
Forni per pizza rotanti Morello Forni

Reasons making us Leaders in our branch :

- Great Hi-level Quality maximizing efficiency (high productivity by the lowest cost) sametime minimize staff cost, gas and wood consuption and mainteinance costs.

- Our product are eternal out from any discussion because are product by first quality rough material also proof by our ovens higher weight in compare to ovens product by our competitors.

- We are the one to use the best refractory material only, containing minimum 90% allumina which allowing uncomparable performances saving power costs too.

- Our Organization officially test the most efficient and effective bedplate heating system in the World, to cut down costs and upgrade Your pizza' quality.

- We got patent for our antipollution/water filter/spark arrestor machine ranges able to shoot down 100% exhausted smoke generated by all wood oven type. Never again lawsuit against neighbours and/or burning chimney !!!

- Design - Our product are always abreast to of time, a really impressive instance is for sure our "Cupola" art finishing reporting "Made in Italy" tipical old-look style.
Just an elegant class-touch to Your restaurant.

"MORELLO FORNI" imposed own spread as undebated leader for quality and details care in professional oven contruction, wood, gas and mix types, both static and turning-bedplate too, destined to pizzerias, restaurants and baker's shops.

Operating by own heritage full keen experience, products receiving worldwide high-regards "MORELLO FORNI" was born during ' 60 thanks to Mr. Luigi Morello who got start by the slogan : " Any shape and any dimension.... ON DEMAND (against request)" to enphasize personalizing and differentiating policy for products then promoted on by the two Sons.

During ' 60, Luigi Morello introduced first turning-bedplate oven, on start used to bake a tipical Genoa' chickpea-meal pie named "Farinata", prepared in heavy copper-pan which must continuously turned. Short time later said technology was applied to bake pizzas.
40 years' experience later "MORELLO FORNI" supply an high quality innovative product, moving with the times, generated thanks to close contact with the branch specialists allowing to satisfy, as first one, requirements coming from target market.

Presently "MORELLO FORNI" over than ovens, can offer antipollution-water filters enabling to clean wood oven smoke, stop chimney fire risks and mainly to avoid noising quarrel versus neighbours !!!!