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PAX Series - Pre-assembled refractory wood and/or gas oven

New concept: inbuilt refractory wood- and/or gas-fired oven.

This series, named after the acronym for ‘pre-assembled’, is an oven which the client can receive and put together by themselves, without resorting to the assistance of specialists. The PAX oven, which exists in a wood-fired and a gas-fired version, is supplied ready for use and installation even in premises with entrance of just 80 cm. The PAX series has been developed and produced to provide high quality and easy maintenance. These ovens consist of three main elements:

  • Supporting metal platform;
  • Refractory stone base mounted on a carrying metal structure;
  • Monolithic refractory dome placed in a carrying metal construction.

These three elements (in addition to any other optional accessories) are supplied ready for installation. After their receipt, they can be placed and installed with lifting tools for a short period of time. The easy installation makes the presence of any specialist technicians redundant, and on-site assembly thus proves one very economical alternative. The positioning and mounting of the three main modules is all it takes to achieve a virtually complete state of the oven, ready to be coated and complemented with any options requested by the client or the designer. Besides, the solid metal structure with which the monolithic dome (inside diameter of 150 cm) is outfitted allows side rotation for entry into spaces narrower than 80 cm. Different lifting hooks complement the metal casing fixtures, such as the handles used for moving. A series of accessories, such as a flue pipe, a stainless steel front section and a wood box, makes possible the additional choice of architectural and functional composition for the oven.

Both types of alternative burners, the ‘flame’ type and the ‘expanded’ type, provide a suitable option for the different kinds of gas and types and/or preferences of use. The electronic module for control and safety with thermostatic functions, connected to the gas-fired heating section, is guaranteed by our specific know-how, which is the result of over 40 years of experience. We also produce the heating systems with which our ovens are outfitted and for which we guarantee optimal parameters and easier maintenance. If connected to the flue pipe for wood burning, the ovens from the PAX series can be used both with gas and wood. In short: a professional modular oven that allows economical use, complete customization and comfortable integration into any environment. Available in 7 sizes – inside diameter of 80 to 150 cm, wood-fired, gas-fired and combined.

Forni costruiti in conformità con la direttiva CEE 90/396 del 29-06-90.