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    • JUNIOR filters are capable of purifying, thanks to their fumes washing system, up to 95% soot and particle matter derived from combustion of solid fuels, like coal or wood.
    • JUNIORs are natural-draught machines.
    • Easily installable on ovens, barbecues or grills.
    • Purification is obtained with a patented fumes centrifugation system into an abatement dome, where sprayed water captures particulate matter, then channeled to impact decanting filters, whence cleaned fumes are expelled into chimney.
    • Specific enzymatic or emollient additives are mixed to the particulate matter - water suspension, to obtain its collection or emulsion depending on chosen purification level.
    • Filters partially reduce as well cooking smell.
    • Water, at the base of filters’ operation, automatically managed and recycled to reduce its consumption.
    • Filters are also excellent for arresting sparks from entering chimneys, thusly preventing fire danger.
    • Minimal service needs.
    • JUNIORs are available in four sizes (200, 250, 300, 400).
    • Upward intake and exhaust manifolds as purchase option.
    • Available with single or three phase power.
    • Filters’ self-cleaning upgrade indicated for grill or barbecue thick greasy fumes.
    • Stainless steel body.
    • Filter management board with timed draining.
    • Hot smoke and hot liquid proof motors and pumps.
    • Long lasting, high efficiency water sprayers built in stainless steel.
    • Filters need an opening 3% wider, deeper and taller than their dimensions to be moved into final installation area.
    • A forklift or manual trans-pallet is needed for its handling.
    • Qualified technicians only must carry on oven installation according to local regulations.
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