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    • PGs are gas ovens, equipped with burners inside their cooking chambers.
    • PGs are part of the static ovens’ family; thanks to their enhanced thermal stability, and to refractory production quality, are able to cook perfectly after numerous product batches or during peak moments, as well as for bread or gastronomic products slow baking with no flame.
    • Dome gas burners, showing a slow flame, replicate as much as possible the look and baking properties of wood fire.
    • The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation designed to increase oven’s efficiency, lower operating costs and heat loss.
    • Dual operating mode: manual – user selects work temperature and manually adjusts flame intensity by means of its modulator; auto (touch screen versions only) – system control raises or lowers flame intensity according to set temperature, thusly lowering consumption and making oven easier to operate.
    • PG ovens are available in six sizes (75,100,110,130,150,180).
    • Available in three variants: Standard, Cupola or Volcano.
    • Standard variant can be finished in painted metal or stainless steel.
    • Dome gas burner can be torch or ribbon type.
    • Left or right dome burner position can be chosen while ordering.
    • Optional opposed double burner configuration for extremely high temperature baking.
    • Cupola and Volcano variants are made of an extra insulating clay based shell to improve oven’s insulation.
    • Same Cupola or Volcano variants can be finished with colored microporous plaster (Coccio Pesto), with natural stone mosaic, or customer-supplied ceramic tiles.
    • Optional analog control system with thermostatic temperature control available upon request.
    • Special “Sorrentino” baking bedplates, for “napoletana” pizza or bread, available upon request.
    • Optional brick-like archon oven’s front, for Standard and Cupola variants sized 75,100,110,130,150.
    • Wide natural stones colors and combinations choice for Mosaic finishes.
    • PGs are equipped with atmospheric gas burners, especially designed by Morello Forni, regular maintenance-free.
    • “IntelTouch System” control interface allows simple yet evolved oven control, programmed with specific “Morello Forni” Firmware that enable automatic or manual oven operation.
    • On Cupola variants, standard light mounted on high temperature-proof flexible arm.
    • Ovens are assembled and ready for operation when delivered, set up for indicated gas and electric power as specified upon purchase.
    • PGs are available in six different sizes and five exterior finishing variants.
    • All PG variants but Mosaic can be shipped ready to assemble (for on-site assembly) after requesting specific cost estimate.
    • The oven needs an opening 3% wider and taller than its dimensions for moving it into final installation area.
    • The oven has to be moved only with a forklift or pallet jack.
    • Only technical personnel authorized by Morello Forni might carry on oven’s on-site assembly.
    • Qualified technicians only must carry on oven installation according to local regulations.
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