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    • QUADRO are rectangular or square shaped ovens, a unique feature among our production.
    • QUADROs are available as wood or gas fired ovens, with torch or extended gas burner in their cooking chamber.
    • QUADRO range is part of the static oven family, thanks to their enhanced thermal stability are perfect for bread or gastronomic products slow baking with no flame.
    • QUADROs are available in 85x85 cm square or 125 x 85 cm rectangular shaped cooking chamber
    • QUADROs can be also fitted with two gas burners in their cooking chamber, in various positions combination
    • Various finishing options are also available, like front brick-like stainless arc, full stainless steel cladding
    • Side or rear “Scenary Window” available for both sizes
    • Available gas burners are torch type (positioned on left or right cooking chamber’s side) and/or extended (along rear cooking chamber’s rim)
    • “Inteltouch System” touch control interface allows an advanced oven management ( gas variants ).
    • Optional analog control system with thermostatic temperature control available upon request ( gas variants ).
    • (Gas variants) torch or ribbon type burners with metal guard.
    • (Gas variants) “Inteltouch System” touch control interface.
    • Manual door.
    • Analog thermometer in wood variants.
    • QUADRO kit are delivered ready to assemble, including required thermal insulation material.
    • QUADRO kit needs an 80 cm width only for moving it into final installation area.
    • The oven has to be moved only with a forklift or pallet jack.
    • Only technical personnel authorized by Morello Forni might carry on oven’s on-site assembly.
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