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    • FGR ovens are equipped with two independent gas burners, one heating their dome, the other heating their rotating bedplate.
    • FGRs are part of rotating oven’s family, their motorized bedplate with variable speed and direction results in quicker and homogeneous baking.
    • Auxiliary gas burners under the rotating bedplate increase oven base’s thermal stability, for quicker and more even baking results.
    • Rotating bedplate gas burners increase oven base’s thermal stability, for quicker and more even baking results.
    • The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation are designed to increase oven’s efficiency, lower operating costs and heat loss.
    • Dual operating mode: manual – user selects work temperature and manually adjusts flame intensity by means of its modulator; auto (touch screen versions only) – system control raises or lowers flame intensity according to set temperature, thusly lowering consumption and making oven easier to operate.
    • Patented automatic dirt cleaning system around the revolving bedplate.
    • FGRs are available in three sizes (110, 130, 150).
    • Available in three variants: Standard, Cupola or Volcano.
    • Standard variant can be finished in painted metal or stainless steel.
    • Cupola and Volcano variants are made of an extra insulating clay based shell to improve oven’s insulation.
    • Same Cupola or Volcano variants can be finished with colored microporous plaster (Coccio Pesto), with natural stone mosaic, or customer-supplied ceramic tiles.
    • Optional analog control system with thermostatic temperature control available upon request.
    • Special “Sorrentino” baking bedplates, for “napoletana” pizza or bread, available upon request.
    • Optional brick-like arch on oven’s front, for Standard and Cupola variants sized 100,110,130,150.
    • Wide natural stones colors and combinations choice for Mosaic finishes.
    • FGRs are equipped with atmospheric gas burners, especially designed by Morello Forni, maintenance-free.
    • “IntelTouch System” control interface allows simple yet evolved oven control, programmed with specific “Morello Forni” Firmware that enable automatic or manual oven operation.
    • External metal drawer for collecting debris and ashes,manual door and steel oven mouth reduction.
    • External light on high-temperature proof flexible arm.
    • Ovens are assembled and ready for operation when delivered, set up for indicated gas and electric power as specified upon purchase.
    • Available in three sizes and five different finish variants.
    • All FGR variants but Mosaic can be shipped ready to assemble (for on-site assembly) after requesting specific cost estimate.
    • The oven needs an opening 3% wider and taller than its dimensions for moving it into final installation area.
    • The oven has to be moved only with a forklift or pallet jack.
    • Only technical personnel authorized by Morello Forni might carry on oven’s on-site assembly.
    • Qualified technicians only must carry on oven installation according to local regulations.
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